It’s exponential and unstoppable.

Once Steelpoort was just a dusty town. Actually, it wasn’t even a town. It was a campsite on the Steel (Steal – more about that later) River. A small settlement. Then a village, then a town, overtime stagnating, like so many others forgotten in neglect and disregarded to decay. But Steelpoort has and continues to grasp the profit graph, ride it, and buck the trend ever upwards. All rural towns have had their share of challenges. However, unlike other towns, Steelpoort has – with its huge and future potential platinum and chrome mining reserves – guaranteed itself a long and prosperous future.

The opening of the De Hoop Dam has guaranteed unlimited piped fresh water to Steelpoort’s platinum and chrome mines. The community stands to prosper and with the mines now ever expanding, the economy too. This is a town to put on your radar, one that is going to zig when the rest go zag! And grow… Just watch. With retail spaces opening up, residential developments breaking new ground and opportunities abounding this town is the new gold rush, except in platinum, where all the economic growth is in retail and residential. Join the rush.