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Steelpoort is going through a rejuvenation, a town under new management with a fresh vision for a bigger and brighter future. Since the construction of the De Hoop Dam, the mines (the lifeblood of the town) are able to use this now abundant water supply to mine deeper. As these mines are in an early stage of their life cycle, Steelpoort will continue to grow and prosper for decades to come – a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Arriving in Steelpoort you’ll immediately notice it has modern town planning and infrastructure, with over 100 stores, 60% of which are big name national brands. You’ll also notice the community is a comfortable mix of mining, industrial, retail and residential, all dedicated to the growth and prosperity of our town.

Steelpoort Town History

The Steelpoort region has been home to the indigenous Pedi people for millennia. Europeans first inhabited it in the 19th century when Frans Joubert lead a group of Voortrekkers out of Natal and settled in the area.

You’d think Steelpoort is the ideal name for a predominantly mining town, but we don’t mine steel. We mine chrome and platinum. The name, as the story goes, was given by a 19th century hunter who shot an elephant on the banks of a river. The next day when he came back to get the tusks, they’d been stolen. So he christened the river the Steelpoort (steal river) and the town that grew up around the river adopted the name.

Steelpoort Mining

Steelpoort is located in the richest platinum and chrome bearing region in the world, with mining houses such as Assmag, Glencore, Samancor and African Rainbow Minerals all represented here. Most mines in this area are still early in their productive lifecycles, and with the newly built De Hoop supplying water to aid deeper and further expansion it’s a recipe for long-term success. The mines already employ 80% of the town’s population and as this sector grows it will further boost employment in the region, which could lead to an increase demand in the residential, retail and industrial space.

De Hoop Dam

The recently constructed De Hoop Dam near Steelpoort is big! It has one of the largest concrete dam walls in South Africa. To build the wall over 129,000m3 of concrete was poured in just 30 days – a South African record – to create a wall 81m high and 1,000m long.

The main purpose of the dam is to supply water to the mines in the area, allowing them to expand and mine deeper. This will lead to increased employment and greatly uplift the economy of the region. The water will also supply two to three million people in the surrounding areas, vastly improving service delivery.

On the fun side, the dam is becoming a tourist attraction in its own right for sightseers, nature lovers, anglers and water sports enthusiasts.

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